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Summer time = All the binge watching please!

1. In honor of Netflix releasing the new season of, House of Cards.
2. Also in honor of our ability to binge watch an entire season of a show in one day.
3. And how we can wake up in pajamas, and go back to sleep at the end of the day in the same pajamas #nojudgement

We present to you: The essential oils that SHOULD have been used during #HOUSEOFCARDS:

Thank you, Time Hop!

Thank you, Timehop app, for reminding me on the daily that I am kinda a bitchy teacher.

Grateful to have Clary Sage and Joy oil to calm my lady rage.

The End.

TTSD = Teacher traumatic stress disorder. #itsathing

*Teacher Traumatic Stress Disorder is often referred to by respected professionals as #TTSD.
Yes, with the hash tag, since these respected professionals are hip and with it.

No one will be shocked to learn that many teachers either ARE unpaid and overworked or FEEL like they are underpaid and overworked.
I happen to be neither of the above.
Would I love a raise?? Well, duh but so would EVERY PERSON IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.
I happen to think that I am paid OK for the job I love to do. 
BUT: I also get to work for an amazing administration and am surrounded by amazing peers.
 Not all educators have that luxury, and I know first hand how a bad administrator can ruin a campus.
Hence, the #TTSD.

My last campus had me questioning my ability, my love of the job, my love of students, and my sanity.
 Not good feelings.

I tried to cope with the above, and found the below methods helpful.
Ultimately, I made the hard decision to break my contract with that particular campus/district, and found myself where I am today.

If the stress of teaching is getting to you, try the following methods:

1. Use your sick time.

It is true, that it takes more work to call in than to just show up. But, CALL IN.
Take a mental health day every now and then, and do not feel guilty about it.
Enjoy your: feet up, bubbles/bubbly flowing, netflix binge watching, random Wednesday. 

2. Talk to other teachers.

I teach in a bubble. Adults freak me out, so having to socialize and or admit defeat is hard for me. 
But I was glad I did. 
I literally thought I was the only teacher on the campus feeling like crap.
Boy was I wrong. It felt good to open up and to hear how others felt.

3. Find an obsession.

I have an obsessive personality, so finding something other than work to fixate on helped.
For me, it was running, which had lots of added benefits like weight loss, fun race medal bling,  and all new workout clothes.
You can get your art on by painting, get your emo on by writing poetry,  or join an adult club of some sort. (Swingers? Polar Bears?)
Think about things other than work.

4. Practice self care.

In the wise words of  Kit Deluca from the classic film, Pretty Woman:
"Take care'a you."
Do Yoga.
 Go to the gym.
Buy new makeup.
 Get all new hair products.
Walk around target with your Starbucks and popcorn. 
Basically, Treat yo self.
I grew up in 50% Catholic, 50% Wiccan household. This combination, shockingly, led to my parents ultimate divorce.
But, the Wiccan part of me always knows self care is important. 
I currently use essential oils for all my snarky self care needs.

Current oil blends in my arsenal:



5. If all else fails: Cast a spell.

Again, the Wiccan side of me was smudging my classroom to get rid of all the bad juju up in there.
When that didn't work, I might have thrown some shade and sage smoke towards my administrator.
Need help with a good smudge? I got your back.
(Not meant to sound as dirty as it does.)

I hope this helps.
If you ever feel like kicking a dog, face punching your admin team, force chocking Marzano, or screaming at a student, choose one of the above #TTSD remedies and have at it!
Need help getting your inner witch on with oils/smudging? Drop me an email!

The End.

*TTSD is clearly a not at all made up thing by the author.

Teacher cliches! The good, the bad, and the fetch!

I am an observer by nature. I call myself this because it sounds better than judgey/nosy.
I also have introverted tendencies. I teach in my bubble, I talk to almost no adults, I go home.
Work place politics are not my thing. My first year teaching I was introduced to the ugly monster that can be know as:
Teacher cliches.

Shockingly, I found that many of the adult educators acted the same age as their students. I have spent the last 8 years researching the work place tendencies of teachers. How they come together, how they sit together at meetings, how they eat lunch together. It is really God's work.

Below are my classifications of the modern day teacher. The below theories are my own, but know that they are deeply researched and documented, almost archaeologist like discoveries of this rare species, the educator.

The Cheerleaders:
These hyperactive types are a VERY rare breed these days, I would go as far to say they are almost extinct. This breed seems super likable and positive at first, but upon further study I have found that the rah-rah-ness is a survival mechanism. These teachers would cheer for anything if it meant that administration likes them.
Pay cuts? YEA!
Larger class sizes? YEA!
More district testing? YEA!

Although they appear threatening at first, and even have you questioning your own negative thoughts, realize that these educators cheer for everything because they stand for almost nothing. Every one's opinion is their opinion.

The nay-sayers.
These types seem to dislike all things related to education, especially CHANGE. Change for the worst, change for the better, it doesn't matter. These teachers will find the negative in almost anything. "Back in my day,,,," is their chant of choice.

The shiny ones:
Brand spanking new and full of hope! These birds can be spotted a mile away, hell, you can even smell the love for education on them! They have a way to fix the broken system! They can make a difference! Their diploma is framed and on the classroom wall! They have no need for PD because they already know how the system works and how to educate every child! Throw one class period of a mixed ESE population, and watch their face change. My studies have found that the shine wears off after the first year.

The magician:
This educator magically appears in the back of meetings, even when they weren't there five seconds ago! They are also the first to disappear from any group setting. Free food? Watch out for the magician! They will sneak in under their invisibly cloak and take all the pepperoni slices and diet cokes! Somehow they manage to leave campus before any student is on a bus! They are so mysterious, it might take a few years for you to remember their name!
(I find myself in this category.)

What category do you fall in? Have any others to add to my clearly well studied list?

The End.

Droppin' Knowledge is always trying to find ways to share oils with our friends.  Interested in Oils, but still trying to figure out if you are ready to take the plunge?  We have started our Oil of the Month Club just for this reason!

Our Oil of the Month Club is the perfect way to try out oils, surprises and samples each month. If you choose our 'One-time Purchase' option, you will be charged a one time fee of $20.00 for that month's package.  Ready to take on a longer commitment with us?  Great, we like you too!  You can choose longer options.

1 Month - $20.00
6 Months - $110.00 
Our Oil of the Month Club oils are a surprise and each Team Member has their own special take on it.  We make it fun and take the time to put thoughtful packages together for our favorite people.
So, sit back and try to wait patiently for the mailman to drop of all the oily awesomeness!

To join simply fill out the following google form!  
- Oils ship by end of each month. 

-You will be invoiced thru pay-pal by a team member.
-There are no returns nor exchanges on oils received 

Recipes from our live show 4/30/17

Erin here!
On Sundays we host a facebook live show on Mama Loves Food facebook page!
You should come hang out with us!
Yesterday we made teacher appreciation gifts using essential oils!
There gifts are easy, your kids can help, and are cost effective!

Below are the recipes, and links to the items we used!
Be sure to only use 100% therapeutic oils as many can not be used topically.
We only use Young Living Oils because they are safe to use tiopucally, internally, and areomatically.


Stress be gone Roll on:

Young Living Lavender oil
Young Living Lemon oil

Fill the roller, almost to the top, with grapeseed oil.
Add one drop each of lavender and lemon oil.

Stress be gone bath salts:

10 drops each: Young Living Lavender and Lemon oil

Mix all ingredients in a glass/stainless steal/ceramic bowl. NO PLASTICS.
Fill mini jars with products!

We packaged the items in mini organza bags, and added extra dried petals to each bag.

Dante, my four year old, LOVED making these!
Wanna see how it all went down? 

Need to order some Young Living Oils?
Drop a comment or email us!

How are you celebrating the teachers in your lives??

Teacher Appreciation Week!

Teacher appreciation week is fast approaching!
Wondering what to do/get/make for the teacher in your life??
Look no further.
Here is a list of awesome things that teachers really want.

-Classroom supplies
It might seem like a  lame gift, but we LEGIT pay for 75% of our own supplies. 
(And we buy the cheap stuff, or we steal broken crayons from restaurants)
Teachers are bargain shoppers by nature, so our supplies tend to be, well, boring.
How about jazzing up your teacher's supply cabinet with a few of the following:

-Colored sharpies
(We only buy the boring black ones)
See below:
-Pens that are not red inked
(Only red up in here)
(See above)
-Sparkly stickers
(I legit only have garage sale stickers because I stole them from my own garage sale)
-Cool shaped post its
(Did you know they make hearts and stars?!)
-Cute scrapbook paper
(ANY paper, without lines, and without lame half done assignments on them)
-Expo markers in cool colors
-Even cute kitchen ware is appreciated!
 If a student gave me a box of spoons, a roll of paper towels and some lysol wipes I would be in heaven. We often eat in our classrooms and are probably lacking in the utensil department.

I ate soup with a fork today.
No judgement.

-Anything that has to do with their personal life
Teachers have lives outside of school, and hopefully your student has picked up on that.
Find out what your teachers do for fun.
-What do they collect?
(Tsums Tsums here!)
-What is their hobby?
-Favorite author?
-Do they have kids?
-Where did they go to college?
Little tokens of,
 "Hey, I remember you said you like to run! Here are some cool running socks that made me think of you," or "Here is a pennant/cup/pen from your alma mater!"
are amazing to get.

-Thank you notes
I have kept every thank you note I have ever received.
We legit will pull them out after a bad day and remember why we are teachers.
One of my favorites is:
"Thank you for not being normal."
This note is on my board so I can see it everyday.
This is free, simple, and holds a lot of weight.
Hell, I even keep and reread EVERY positive parent email I get!!
Teachers don't expect much in the appreciation department, and often are uncomfortable with their praises being sung.
Drop either your kids teachers, or, one of your old teachers a line to say

Stress relieving realness:

Teaching is a tough gig- the best gig ever- but tough.
The turn over rate is at an ultime high, and most teachers only last about five years. 
How to relieve education induced stress, is not a class taught at the college level, heck, it isn't even the title of a local yoga class (someone invent this please!)
Wanna help your teach unwind at the end of the day?
Here are a few of my personal favs:
1. If your kid is the jerk.
2. When the teacher might need to work on their priorities.

3. When the teacher needs to relax on a cellular level

The End.

When your last baby, is no longer a baby at all.

Erin here!

Dante Lennon is now four.
He is my last baby, and that is a reason to celebrate and a reason to go cry in my closet and smell all his old onsies. 

Dante Lennon is my last baby. 
One of two.
Seven years apart.
The baby who almost never was.

Dante Lennon was originally a triplet.
He tried to escape many, many times.
He entered at 36 weeks, 7 pounds, 11 ounces.
Let it be was playing.
He was perfection.
He is perfection.
He is the last one.
And that's ok.

I do not want anymore babies, but yet, there is definitely a deep rooted, subconscious instinct to keep creating, ya know?
As I clean out dressers and closets and toy boxes, I am finding it hard to let go. Let go of binkes, and blankies, and baby toys.

I am not a baby girl.
Your baby is so very cute, and no I do not want to hold it.
So why do I feel this way?

It is fine,
I am fine.
We are fine.
I will frame hospital bracelets, and ink blot foot prints.
I will hide away first blankets and holiday outfits for my son's future children.
I will cheers to the future.

Teacher hoarding 101

Hey all! Erin here!!

Teaching = Hoarding.

Hoarding school supplies, 
thank you notes,
 target dollar spot baskets/bins, 
cute rolls of masking tape, 
student discipline referrals, 
magazines for collaging,
 etc, etc, etc.

Every year my stuff seems to multiply.

This year I have the pleasure of teaching in a portable! Yeah!
(Insert eye roll here)

A portable that has no shelves, or cabinets, or anything.
All my stuff is out in the open, on display, naked. 
Now, this would not be a problem for you Martha Stewart types,
 but this is a HUGE problem for the me types. 

I have ZERO organization skills. 
I don't care if things are in order, or pretty.

In order to maintain student sanity, I try my best to hide my lack of OCD.

Below are my tricks to appear like you are organized, aka, fake it till you make it!

1. Moving/paper boxes can hold a lot of crap. I use them everywhere.

2. Laundry bins are your friend, as well as the tops of cabinets/drawers.
I currently am without book shelves, so my student library resides up up high.

*Helmet required for book checkout.

3. About those cabinets and drawers, keep them closed.
This will hide all your messy secrets as well as minimize paper avalanches/student accidents.

*Helmet also required when opening these doors.

Closed for all the below reasons:

4. ACTUAL ADVICE! I LOVE plastic drawers.
They are student friendly and an actual way to stay organized. I keep art supplies that I use on the daily in these and my kids can grab things as needed.

These handy dandy drawers have kept me sane this year.
One set is labeled by class and I put all graded work in the drawers. 
One kid each block is in charge of passing back all the work.
The other set sits on my desk. 
I tend to loose important paper work from meetings, so this is where I put almost everything.

5. Throw things under your desk when you can't think of any other place to put them.

6. My personal favorite: Buy all kids on notepads to write down important facts.
Use 1 sheet of the notepad and proceed loose it.

This was a pack of 6, I am down to 4.

7. When I stress myself out, or have things fall on me from my cabinet, my hoard of essential oils has my back!

Deep Relief helps with my teaching induced headaches, and injuries.

Lavender puts me in my zen place, and helps with the bruising I earned while wading thru the chaos that my classroom tends to be!

The End.

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Join our facebook group below!