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This week in my classroom.

This week in my classroom, the following occurred:

Related to To Kill A Mockingbird:

Related to informational essay writing:

Related to citing important textual evidence:

Needless to say, I have been wearing lots of stressaway this week.

How has your week gone?

lots of love, oil, and loud music,

To booze or not to booze: a reflective birthday essay.

This month I will turn 37. 
Age does not bother me, it never has.
36 has felt like 26.
26 always felt like 16.
And at 16, I still acted like I was 6.

It is a number. I know it some people get super weirded out by aging, but not I.

But, I hate birthdays. Well, I like your birthday just fine. I will come to your party, with a gift, and sing. I will plan parties for my boys, with themes and light sabers and cake.

My own party? Hard pass. I just don't get it.  Maybe it is because my birthday is December 25th, but, my family and my husband have always made sure I am not overshadowed by the holidays.


My birthday is this month. 
And we reflect on the year.
And as a teacher, I collect my data. 
Did I obtain a years worth of growth in 12 months?
Can I show gains?
Where are my deficits.
Am I highly qualified?

One thing I am noticing as I get older is how my regular routine effects my body differently, specifically, booze.

I drink. I enjoy a cold beer and a nice red.
Never been a liquor girl though.
I've posted before here and in my facebook group that I have noticed by boozy intake going up recently.

 The craving has been fierce. 
And I blame all the things: stress, work, business, social gatherings, etc. 
I did notice, however, that when I cut melatonin out of my sleep routine, that my craving for my daily glass (or glasses) of vino dropped dramatically. 

So I went a week without. And that's a long time for me.
This weekend, I drank.
Beer Friday night.
Beer Saturday night.
Wine Sunday night.

And. It wasn't good. 

As I age, downers really got me, well, down.

Depressants are having a wild effect on me, bringing me down down down. And staying with me. 
Like, now, after a nights sleep and a days work, I still feel, down. 

Is it age? 
Is it reflection?
Is it growth?
Is it just me?? (Please please say its not just me.)

I just am noticing that I don't like this vibe. 

So, the bottle and I might be breaking up for a hot minute.
I will replace my nightly vino with decaf Santa's white Christmas- cause its the BEST damn coffee in the world, or some thieves tea. 
Just don't judge me if its out of a wine glass. 

Cause this almost 37 year old ain't got time to feel anything less than awesome. 

lots of love, oil,  and loud music, 

Feeling like myself again

I shared a not so glamorous video in my Facebook group about my melatonin struggle.

I started taking 5mg of all natural melatonin in August. This moved to 10mg when the 5mg stopped working. All of this with me doing ZERO research on melatonin. 
(I am awesome like that...)

During this time I also:

-Started drinking more 
-I stopped running and lifting
-Was exhausted all day long
-My irritability sky-rocketed
-Had a very difficult time getting out of bed in the morning
-Considered quitting a job I am in love with
-Had headaches that lasted hours at a time

When the 10mg stopped working, I researched about taking 20mg. 
This is when the sirens went off.
Ummmm, yea, 10mg IS A LOT!
And 20mg is unheard of.

Also, all of my above ailments, just happen to also be possible side effects of, wait for it, melatonin.

On Sunday, I stopped my 5 month spree.
I am starting to feel like myself again.
 My windows open, 
Sponge blaring, 
car dancing, 
red light pic taking, 
self again. 

Kicking a 5 month melatonin habit that legit messed with my happy. 

Do your research before you put things in and on your body. 
For reals. 

Instead of my regular 10mg of melatonin, the last three nights I’ve diffused lavender + cedarwood and used my Calm app. And guess what, it worked.

Maybe I’m just overly sensitive to melatonin, but, I would hate for anyone feeling the same way I was to not research that it could be something you are taking. 

Lots of loud music love, 

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