Adults are the worst

Erin here!
When people learn you are a middle school teacher, they often react like they had just eaten a bug, or found a pube in their salad, or possibly both of the above.
Although the 6th-8th grade struggle is real, adults are the worst.
Case in point;

The above image has not been altered in any way, and was found in the ADULT restroom on campus.
Grown ups are gross.
The end.


  1. Hi Erin, my step daughter is a teacher also and she totally agrees with you. 😊

  2. I work at a zoo. I agree some adults act more like 2 year olds and their mouth talking to their children is the worst.

  3. Adults are the worst. I clean-up aftwr far more adults than I do my own children.

  4. My husband put the roll of tp on the counter instead of replacing it. Adults drive me crazier than kids