Erin here!
This meme spoke to me. I connected with it on a spiritual level, not only because I binge watched Parks and Rec on Netflix, but because this describes my day to day life as an educator.
Teaching can make you question your sanity, not so much because you chose to spend 9 hours of your day with pubeing out 12 year olds, more because of the legit mood swings.

Below are the top reasons why it is perfectly OK to rationalize away your *teacher induced multiple personality disorder:

1. Why so serious?  When I find myself becoming more Swanson like, I have learned to counter act it, almost immediately with a little John Ralphio. You will have moments when you launch into the crazy/angry;y/lecture mode. When I know I have crossed into mean town, I always try to lighten the mood by saying/doing something ridiculous.

"You guys don't take anything seriously!! Do you  have any idea how long it takes me to grade all this?! I am so sick of being the only person in this room invested in your education!!" 
(Insert pause for dramatic effect)
Start mom dancing.  
"This is happening right now. I am so angry I am mom dancing. This will happen EVERYDAY from now on and only you h ave the power to stop it."

2. As a teacher, you will find yourself going from hilarious fun teacher, to mean faced lunatic. And it only takes ONE student out of thirty to set you off. This is ok and expected.

3. Grading: You will find yourself singing your praises while grading multiple awesome tests/projects in a row! You will think, "Hell, I ROCK at this! Teacher of the year right here!" 
Don't let your head get too big.
**It will only take one test/project where the answer to,  "Who wrote he Raven," is, "your mamma," to turn you into Swanson REAL QUICK. In the same breathe as teacher of the year, you will start penning your resignation letter. 

4. Try your best to not reside permanently in Swanson land. Although he is amazing and funny and dry, your students will get over you real quick and will tune you out. Vary your approach to keep them on their toes. When the educator woes outweigh educator the pros, it might be time to move on. 
(Harsh, but real talk)

5. When all else fails, you can find me huffing some hippy oils in a dark corner, rethinking all the things. Tangerine oil usually does the trick, and is actually running in a diffuser on my desk right now!

The End.

*Made up disease by yours truly. Not currently covered by the Affordable Care Act, but it is currently covered by your local liquor store.

**This LEGIT happened to me and inspired me to update my resume: