I'll tell you what they want, what they really really want!

*I originally wrote this post for teacher appreciation week, but, it totes applies to the holiday season as well!

Teacher appreciation week is fast approaching!
Wondering what to do/get/make for the teacher in your life??
Look no further.
Here is a list of awesome things that teachers really want.

-Classroom supplies

It might seem like a  lame gift, but we LEGIT pay for 75% of our own supplies. 
(And we buy the cheap stuff, or we steal broken crayons from restaurants)
Teachers are bargain shoppers by nature, so our supplies tend to be, well, boring.
How about jazzing up your teacher's supply cabinet with a few of the following:

-Gift certificate to their favorite Teacher Pay Teachers shop!
Why reinvent the wheel? TPT is an amazing place where educators can support each other while finding resources for our classes!

-Colored sharpies
(We only buy the boring black ones)
See below:
-Pens that are not red inked
(Only red up in here)
(See above)
-Sparkly stickers
(I legit only have garage sale stickers because I stole them from my own garage sale)
-Cool shaped post its
(Did you know they make hearts and stars?!)
-Cute scrapbook paper
(ANY paper, without lines, and without lame half done assignments on them)
-Expo markers in cool colors
-Even cute kitchen ware is appreciated!
 If a student gave me a box of spoons, a roll of paper towels and some lysol wipes I would be in heaven. We often eat in our classrooms and are probably lacking in the utensil department.

I ate soup with a fork today.
No judgement.

-Anything that has to do with their personal life

Teachers have lives outside of school, and hopefully your student has picked up on that.
Find out what your teachers do for fun.
-What do they collect?
(Tsums Tsums here!)
-What is their hobby?
-Favorite author?
-Do they have kids?
-Where did they go to college?
Little tokens of,
 "Hey, I remember you said you like to run! Here are some cool running socks that made me think of you," or "Here is a pennant/cup/pen from your alma mater!"
are amazing to get.

-Thank you notes

I have kept every thank you note I have ever received.
We legit will pull them out after a bad day and remember why we are teachers.
One of my favorites is:
"Thank you for not being normal."
This note is on my board so I can see it everyday.
This is free, simple, and holds a lot of weight.
Hell, I even keep and reread EVERY positive parent email I get!!
Teachers don't expect much in the appreciation department, and often are uncomfortable with their praises being sung.
Drop either your kids teachers, or, one of your old teachers a line to say

Stress relieving realness:

Teaching is a tough gig- the best gig ever- but tough.
The turn over rate is at an ultime high, and most teachers only last about five years. 
How to relieve education induced stress, is not a class taught at the college level, heck, it isn't even the title of a local yoga class (someone invent this please!)
Wanna help your teach unwind at the end of the day?
Here are a few of my personal favs:
1. If your kid is the jerk.

2. When the teacher might need to work on their priorities.

3. When the teacher needs to relax on a cellular level

love, oils, and loud music,