Teacher hoarding 101

Hey all! Erin here!!

Teaching = Hoarding.

Hoarding school supplies, 
thank you notes,
 target dollar spot baskets/bins, 
cute rolls of masking tape, 
student discipline referrals, 
magazines for collaging,
 etc, etc, etc.

Every year my stuff seems to multiply.

This year I have the pleasure of teaching in a portable! Yeah!
(Insert eye roll here)

A portable that has no shelves, or cabinets, or anything.
All my stuff is out in the open, on display, naked. 
Now, this would not be a problem for you Martha Stewart types,
 but this is a HUGE problem for the me types. 

I have ZERO organization skills. 
I don't care if things are in order, or pretty.

In order to maintain student sanity, I try my best to hide my lack of OCD.

Below are my tricks to appear like you are organized, aka, fake it till you make it!

1. Moving/paper boxes can hold a lot of crap. I use them everywhere.

2. Laundry bins are your friend, as well as the tops of cabinets/drawers.
I currently am without book shelves, so my student library resides up up high.

*Helmet required for book checkout.

3. About those cabinets and drawers, keep them closed.
This will hide all your messy secrets as well as minimize paper avalanches/student accidents.

*Helmet also required when opening these doors.

Closed for all the below reasons:

4. ACTUAL ADVICE! I LOVE plastic drawers.
They are student friendly and an actual way to stay organized. I keep art supplies that I use on the daily in these and my kids can grab things as needed.

These handy dandy drawers have kept me sane this year.
One set is labeled by class and I put all graded work in the drawers. 
One kid each block is in charge of passing back all the work.
The other set sits on my desk. 
I tend to loose important paper work from meetings, so this is where I put almost everything.

5. Throw things under your desk when you can't think of any other place to put them.

6. My personal favorite: Buy all kids on notepads to write down important facts.
Use 1 sheet of the notepad and proceed loose it.

This was a pack of 6, I am down to 4.

7. When I stress myself out, or have things fall on me from my cabinet, my hoard of essential oils has my back!

Deep Relief helps with my teaching induced headaches, and injuries.

Lavender puts me in my zen place, and helps with the bruising I earned while wading thru the chaos that my classroom tends to be!

The End.

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