Droppin' Knowledge is always trying to find ways to share oils with our friends.  Interested in Oils, but still trying to figure out if you are ready to take the plunge?  We have started our Oil of the Month Club just for this reason!

Our Oil of the Month Club is the perfect way to try out oils, surprises and samples each month. If you choose our 'One-time Purchase' option, you will be charged a one time fee of $20.00 for that month's package.  Ready to take on a longer commitment with us?  Great, we like you too!  You can choose longer options.

1 Month - $20.00
6 Months - $110.00 
Our Oil of the Month Club oils are a surprise and each Team Member has their own special take on it.  We make it fun and take the time to put thoughtful packages together for our favorite people.
So, sit back and try to wait patiently for the mailman to drop of all the oily awesomeness!

To join simply fill out the following google form!  
- Oils ship by end of each month. 

-You will be invoiced thru pay-pal by a team member.
-There are no returns nor exchanges on oils received