Recipes from our live show 4/30/17

Erin here!
On Sundays we host a facebook live show on Mama Loves Food facebook page!
You should come hang out with us!
Yesterday we made teacher appreciation gifts using essential oils!
There gifts are easy, your kids can help, and are cost effective!

Below are the recipes, and links to the items we used!
Be sure to only use 100% therapeutic oils as many can not be used topically.
We only use Young Living Oils because they are safe to use tiopucally, internally, and areomatically.


Stress be gone Roll on:

Young Living Lavender oil
Young Living Lemon oil

Fill the roller, almost to the top, with grapeseed oil.
Add one drop each of lavender and lemon oil.

Stress be gone bath salts:

10 drops each: Young Living Lavender and Lemon oil

Mix all ingredients in a glass/stainless steal/ceramic bowl. NO PLASTICS.
Fill mini jars with products!

We packaged the items in mini organza bags, and added extra dried petals to each bag.

Dante, my four year old, LOVED making these!
Wanna see how it all went down? 

Need to order some Young Living Oils?
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How are you celebrating the teachers in your lives??