Teacher cliches! The good, the bad, and the fetch!

I am an observer by nature. I call myself this because it sounds better than judgey/nosy.
I also have introverted tendencies. I teach in my bubble, I talk to almost no adults, I go home.
Work place politics are not my thing. My first year teaching I was introduced to the ugly monster that can be know as:
Teacher cliches.

Shockingly, I found that many of the adult educators acted the same age as their students. I have spent the last 8 years researching the work place tendencies of teachers. How they come together, how they sit together at meetings, how they eat lunch together. It is really God's work.

Below are my classifications of the modern day teacher. The below theories are my own, but know that they are deeply researched and documented, almost archaeologist like discoveries of this rare species, the educator.

The Cheerleaders:
These hyperactive types are a VERY rare breed these days, I would go as far to say they are almost extinct. This breed seems super likable and positive at first, but upon further study I have found that the rah-rah-ness is a survival mechanism. These teachers would cheer for anything if it meant that administration likes them.
Pay cuts? YEA!
Larger class sizes? YEA!
More district testing? YEA!

Although they appear threatening at first, and even have you questioning your own negative thoughts, realize that these educators cheer for everything because they stand for almost nothing. Every one's opinion is their opinion.

The nay-sayers.
These types seem to dislike all things related to education, especially CHANGE. Change for the worst, change for the better, it doesn't matter. These teachers will find the negative in almost anything. "Back in my day,,,," is their chant of choice.

The shiny ones:
Brand spanking new and full of hope! These birds can be spotted a mile away, hell, you can even smell the love for education on them! They have a way to fix the broken system! They can make a difference! Their diploma is framed and on the classroom wall! They have no need for PD because they already know how the system works and how to educate every child! Throw one class period of a mixed ESE population, and watch their face change. My studies have found that the shine wears off after the first year.

The magician:
This educator magically appears in the back of meetings, even when they weren't there five seconds ago! They are also the first to disappear from any group setting. Free food? Watch out for the magician! They will sneak in under their invisibly cloak and take all the pepperoni slices and diet cokes! Somehow they manage to leave campus before any student is on a bus! They are so mysterious, it might take a few years for you to remember their name!
(I find myself in this category.)

What category do you fall in? Have any others to add to my clearly well studied list?

The End.