TTSD = Teacher traumatic stress disorder. #itsathing

UPDATE as of 12/17  So my new campus is legit the Disney World of education!
It is AMAZING how leadership and peer relationships can effect an entire school!
I am so happy and am loving this new gig!

*Teacher Traumatic Stress Disorder is often referred to by respected professionals as #TTSD.
Yes, with the hash tag, since these respected professionals are hip and with it.

No one will be shocked to learn that many teachers either ARE unpaid and overworked or FEEL like they are underpaid and overworked.
I happen to be neither of the above.
Would I love a raise?? Well, duh but so would EVERY PERSON IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.
I happen to think that I am paid OK for the job I love to do. 
BUT: I also get to work for an amazing administration and am surrounded by amazing peers.
 Not all educators have that luxury, and I know first hand how a bad administrator can ruin a campus.
Hence, the #TTSD.

My last campus had me questioning my ability, my love of the job, my love of students, and my sanity.
 Not good feelings.

I tried to cope with the above, and found the below methods helpful.
Ultimately, I made the hard decision to break my contract with that particular campus/district, and found myself where I am today.

If the stress of teaching is getting to you, try the following methods:

1. Use your sick time.

It is true, that it takes more work to call in than to just show up. But, CALL IN.
Take a mental health day every now and then, and do not feel guilty about it.
Enjoy your: feet up, bubbles/bubbly flowing, netflix binge watching, random Wednesday. 

2. Talk to other teachers.

I teach in a bubble. Adults freak me out, so having to socialize and or admit defeat is hard for me. 
But I was glad I did. 
I literally thought I was the only teacher on the campus feeling like crap.
Boy was I wrong. It felt good to open up and to hear how others felt.

3. Find an obsession.

I have an obsessive personality, so finding something other than work to fixate on helped.
For me, it was running, which had lots of added benefits like weight loss, fun race medal bling,  and all new workout clothes.
You can get your art on by painting, get your emo on by writing poetry,  or join an adult club of some sort. (Swingers? Polar Bears?)
Think about things other than work.

4. Practice self care.

In the wise words of  Kit Deluca from the classic film, Pretty Woman:
"Take care'a you."
Do Yoga.
 Go to the gym.
Buy new makeup.
 Get all new hair products.
Walk around target with your Starbucks and popcorn. 
Basically, Treat yo self.
I grew up in 50% Catholic, 50% Wiccan household. This combination, shockingly, led to my parents ultimate divorce.
But, the Wiccan part of me always knows self care is important. 
I currently use essential oils for all my snarky self care needs.

Current oil blends in my arsenal:



5. If all else fails: Cast a spell.

Again, the Wiccan side of me was smudging my classroom to get rid of all the bad juju up in there.
When that didn't work, I might have thrown some shade and sage smoke towards my administrator.
Need help with a good smudge? I got your back.
(Not meant to sound as dirty as it does.)

I hope this helps.
If you ever feel like kicking a dog, face punching your admin team, force chocking Marzano, or screaming at a student, choose one of the above #TTSD remedies and have at it!
Need help getting your inner witch on with oils/smudging? Drop me an email!

The End.

*TTSD is clearly a not at all made up thing by the author.