Girls and Boys and Women and Men

I am a boy mom.

Even as a little girl, I just knew that I would someday be a boy mom.

I ADORE being the only girl in the house. 

I shield my little men from nothing.



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Both of them know about tampons, and bras, and OBGYNs.

I have been asked, more than once, if I'm mad because my period is coming and if I need my clary sage oil......

(No, that did not end well for once little man.)

I do this because we are an honest house. We have no secrets. We have no shame. And someday these little men might have wives or daughters and they are gonna need to know the difference between a maxi pad and a damn tampon. 

Also that vagina's are a thing.

And that vagina health is a thing.

And that breasts health is a thing too.

I am also a teacher, and have noticed a weird trend in the self talk of both sexes.

Boys chat themselves up.

They are good at everything.

They scored the most points.

They have the best grade.

They ran the fastest.

They are so good at baseball/soccer/guitar/dance /insert any other activity here.


Their self talk is DRASTICALLY different.

Someone else is good at everything.

Someone else is faster, scores more points, has better grades. Blah. Blah. Blah.

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Now, I am VERY quick to slow down my boy's roll when the worlds greatest ______ chat starts. 

I be their bubble burster at times.

WHY do the sexes differ in the above?

Now, I am not saying this is 100% of the time. I am as cocky as them come, but, I tend to talk down my awesomeness instead of shouting it to the world like my mens.

Point of the ramble??






I give kick ass advice.

I make legit mac and cheese.

I always have wine.

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What are you just a total bad ass at?! 

I want to know!