The rantings of a crazy person.

Brace for this steam of conscious blog post.
Anyone else get in your own head, like constantly?
I live in my own brain.
I am my worst critic.
I am so very very hard on myself.
And hard on myself for all the things.
Side hustle.
I talk to myself in a way that I would NEVER talk to anyone else.
Do men do this? Is it just women?
I am unsure if my past is what causes me to be this way.
Or just my DNA. Or both. Or none.
I have been my own worst enemy lately, and it legit needs to stop.
A teacher mentor once told me that, 
"If you are worried about doing a good job, then you already are doing a good job."
I need this tattooed. On my face. Wait, then I can't read it. Scratch that. I will tattoo this on my hand.
I will create my own weird 30 something mom gang where instead of tear drop tattoos we will get motivational quotes.
Anyone else do all the above? Any advice? Anyone want in my gang?

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