Today I took a run to clear this mamma's head, and I followed it with a  long walk to get slurpees with my men.

This weeks news like shuts me down. 
It reminds me of last summer, when a place I frequent was attacked and my community shaken up.
News like this makes me want to lock the doors, close the blinds, and keep my boys inside forever and ever.

They make me want to avoid movies and malls and, our most favorite thing, concerts.

But, as a teacher and a mamma we must rise to the occasion.

Again, and again, and again, we teach love of man instead of man vs man, and acceptance of society instead of man vs society.

We hold our breath, and their hands, and hope all metaphorical students learn to seek help for their woes and that we accept these woes with kindness and love.

My gosh, this is not the earth I hoped for my precious sons, but, my sons are being raised to heal this wounded world. They heal me on the daily.

They've got this. We've got this. Again.Image result for vegas strong