Feeling like myself again

I shared a not so glamorous video in my Facebook group about my melatonin struggle.

I started taking 5mg of all natural melatonin in August. This moved to 10mg when the 5mg stopped working. All of this with me doing ZERO research on melatonin. 
(I am awesome like that...)

During this time I also:

-Started drinking more 
-I stopped running and lifting
-Was exhausted all day long
-My irritability sky-rocketed
-Had a very difficult time getting out of bed in the morning
-Considered quitting a job I am in love with
-Had headaches that lasted hours at a time

When the 10mg stopped working, I researched about taking 20mg. 
This is when the sirens went off.
Ummmm, yea, 10mg IS A LOT!
And 20mg is unheard of.

Also, all of my above ailments, just happen to also be possible side effects of, wait for it, melatonin.

On Sunday, I stopped my 5 month spree.
I am starting to feel like myself again.
 My windows open, 
Sponge blaring, 
car dancing, 
red light pic taking, 
self again. 

Kicking a 5 month melatonin habit that legit messed with my happy. 

Do your research before you put things in and on your body. 
For reals. 

Instead of my regular 10mg of melatonin, the last three nights I’ve diffused lavender + cedarwood and used my Calm app. And guess what, it worked.

Maybe I’m just overly sensitive to melatonin, but, I would hate for anyone feeling the same way I was to not research that it could be something you are taking. 

Lots of loud music love,