My Why.


For one reason or another, we all want more more.

All of us.

All of us right here.

We dare to try/learn about something new.

Remembering our WHY is important.

Why are you seeking change?

Life isn't easy.
Momming isn't easy.
Our jobs/occupations aren't easy.
But yet, here we still are.

The world is scary, and sometimes, we just need our home to be the safest place possible.

Filled with love, and hope, and natural awesomeness.

Becoming a mom opened my eyes, and my paranoia if we are being completely honest, to everything.

All the things we live around and breathe in and eat and listen to and read.

I became aware.
I want the best of everything for my two young men, including the best remedies, cleaning products, and non toxic options I can find.

My whys for Young Living:

-chemical free lifestyle
-purchasing products from a company with positive values and respect for not only their customers, but their own product and nature.
-less medications and more natural alternatives
-control my anxiety
-help my oldest with his social anxiety
-help my youngest with impulse control
-aid in my battle with my weight
-get rid of all the toxins in my home, like febreeze, plugins, and candles.
-plant based cleaning products
-just the absolute best life I can provide these world changing men of mine.

My whys for embarking on the business side of oils are very specific, and are as follows:

-I have two extremely bright young men who will, without a doubt, be accepted to the country's most prestigious universities, and that will cost money. I want to fully pay for both of their tuition's, with ZERO loans.
-pay off my, and Nick's student loans.
-buy a home, instead of renting.
-that home will be, "the place." It will be the hangout for the boys friends, so they never have to leave lol.
- I want to retire my huisband
-I work with at risk youth, and many times I find my team saying, "These kids need a place where they are understood." I want to be that place. I want to develop job training and counseling for my sweet ese/ebd angels.
-I want to see my team, who have become my friends, succeed and fulfill their WHYS.

I TRULY believe that Young Living can aide in all of the above.

We have seen MASSIVE changes in our family since tossing the toxins and embracing a calmer way of life.


What are you wanting to change about your life?

Tell us.

Inspire us.

Be truthful and raw and real.

And anytime you need a reminder, come back to this post and refill your cup