Paleo + oils = Health on Point!

2018 Resolutions:

1. Take my oils.

2. Eat like a cave man!


It should come as no shocker that home girl is addicted to essential oils.
I use them to sleep. 
To control my anxiety. 
To clean my smelly house.
And now, to help with my health goals!

Lemon + Grapefruit+ Peppermint = De-Bloat 101!

I take a capsule with the above in the morning and night!

It not only helps with my cravings for carbs and sugar, but, gives me some pep in my step!


I have been on Weight Watchers.
I have counted calories.
I have an INSANE addictive personality, and I became obsessed with food.
Not a good look on me.

Paleo is legit the only "lifestyle" that works for me.

What is Paleo??

It is basically eating veggies and meat.
It is basically not eating grains, sugar, soy, legumes, and dairy.

Sounds difficult, BUT HOLY COW GUYS! 
It is amazing, and def eliminates the mental hold food has on me.

This is my third round of Paleo, and its like I am falling in love alllllll over again.

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So that is my secret recipe for new year, new me!

What are YOUR resolutions for 2018??

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*I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV.