Why Young Living is my dream job!


 1. I work about 10 hours a week And am making half my teaching salary. My pay increase was 124% last year. We’ve been able to travel more, go to more concerts, and just generally say yes more often.
 2. It took me 2 years to achieve this.
 3. The start-up cost was $160 and went toward products that I would have purchased anyway.
 4. I get to use my strengths and skill set to help others and support my family.
 5. Conversely, my weaknesses are brought out and refined. And I have a team of beautiful men and women to help me polish up these weaknesses.
 6. My mens work right along side me, they love to help. Their Facebook lives are the greatest!
 7. I get to work with some of my best friends.
 8. I get paid to help them see success.
 9. I am my own boss and report to no one. There is definitely a high that comes with having YOUR personal logo on business cards, and postcards, and koozies. This mamas small biz is legit.
 10. I work as much as I want, when I want. I took most of January off to focus on the boys, and during this time my business actually grew exponentially. Team work mAkes the dream work.

 11. I get to work from wherever I’d like— while on our annual beach vaca, my bed, the kitchen table, the gym, wherever!
 12. I get to share something I believe in and stand behind 100%
 13. My salary covers the cost associated with products that have changed my life. It’s cool to shop for free each month!
 14. YL is sending me to Utah for free this year, and possibly Ecuador (with my mens) next year. All. For. Free.
 15. I get to run a $15,000 per month business! I get to run it with sarcasm, jokes, witt, and integrity. 16. This business will one day being to my boys. They will be set up with a stream of residual income that will only grow and grow. Merrick is already asking when he can get a commission check.
 17. I am a part of a large community of women supporting women. I have met and connected with hundreds of women who challenge me and make me BETTER. The sisterhood is real.
18. The D. Gary Young Foundation is committed to empowering underprivileged communities by providing wellness and education opportunities. They raise money for disaster relief, fight against human trafficking, and more. I couldn’t be more proud.
 19. Each month my paycheck comes in AND grows whether I work or not. I choose to work because I love it and it energizes me.
 20. My boys get the front seats to seeing me chase down a dream. They participate in the process and are proud of this teacher mama.

 What are your reasons?
 Are you ready to take the oily plunge!
 Email me to get started!
 erindicarolis@gmail.com .
 Since I talked income here’s the YL income disclosure statement to view earning potential.
 I am a silver on this chart
: www.youngliving.com/IDS