Teaching in 2018

This is my 10th year teaching.

And yes, the kids are being desensitized by the news. 

It is no longer shocking.

It is just part of their lives now.

It is absolutely horrifying.

Here is a glimpse into teaching in 2018:

Some days you listen to 90's r&b and dance party w your students, cause everyone, including the teacher, needs a moment to be weird.

Sometimes you push curriculum aside and just play get to know you. You ask/answer questions about past loves, and mistakes, and your kids, and their drama. 

Sometimes you give angry pop quizzes that make your kids reflect and your peers laugh.

Sometimes you get real and call your students out and make them own their bad choices.

Sometimes you pace with them and listen and work through problems you are grateful you don’t have. Because guys, their lives are heavy, so very heavy.

And sometimes, some of us hide students in closets and shield them from bullets and pray in a corner that it’s not one of ours.

Solutions? Why’s?
 I’m unsure.

But, I do know that the answers are in the in betweens.

In between bells, quizzes, laws, drills, lunches, classes, meetings, standards, medications, unanswered phone calls and emails, side looks, high fives, social media mistakes.

It just feels like we are missing the mark with these kids.

Tomorrow, reach into the in between.
Love, and listen, and love some more.

None of this is ok.

But, we educators will be back at it tomorrow, with the silent hopes that we are preventing the next one.