Having each others backs

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When you are surrounded by strong women, you can’t help but become one yourself.

It has been seven years since I spoke with my mom. We were/are at odds and she chooses to not be in our lives. It’s raw and ugly and sad.

It’s a striking blow, to lose someone you relied on, and to feel unloved.

I worry that I’m doing this whole mamma thing wrong. And behind every post about how amazing these men of mine are, is a me who is pretty sure she’s screwing it up. Moms are supposed to be the ones who tell you you’re doing a good job.

But, as women do, they step up.

And on this  international women’s day, I am so very grateful for the females who are there for me, at my ugliest and weakest and most dramatic and my worst. Those who text at 5am, who listen to you cry, and who remind you that you got this. They mom me.

Happy international women’s day.

May we raise strong women, and may we raise strong men who support said women.