From the mouths of babes.

This is my 10th year in education.
I am certified in many areas, and have taught so many different subjects.
The last 4 years, my main area has been ESE, Exceptional Student Education.
These have been the hardest, and most rewarding years of my career, thus far.
When I am with my students, I tend to be an open book. 
My students know about my family, and vice versa.
My boys have been part of my career since day one.
They have been to sporting events, field trips, dances, all on my campuses.

They are around my regular education students,  and my ESE students weekly.

With all the news lately, I thought I would give you a glimpse of hope.
Hope that the next generation is giving, and kind, and intelligent, and raw.

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Last night, my four year old Dante raced in an obstacle course against another student, who happen to have Down’s syndrome.


“Mom I’m sorry. Me should have stopped and helped my friend. He didn’t know how to do the race. Next time, me help him and we win together. He never talks that much, me will help him at school. Merrick would have helped him.”

Hoping his attitude of reflection, acceptance and a willing help others is contagious.
If you were looking for a charity to throw some money at, Rudy's Rainbows is amazing. 

We hope you are having a great week.

Peace, Love and Oils,