Getting Started

You decide which premium starter kit is the right fit!

1. Ready? Start Here >>>

2. Choose your membership. Make sure you choose the "Wholesale Member" option, so you don't end up paying retail prices - 24% savings for life! Choose "Retail Member" if you're only interested in ordering a few essential oils or products.
3. The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” numbers should auto-fill for you. If not, type in my ID# 3541959  for both.

4. Select the Premium Starter Kit you want!

-Premium Starter Kit: A diffuser will already be selected. There are several diffusers to choose from! All of the Premium Starter Kits come with the same 10 oils (plus a bonus oil) & other goodies.
-There are several other kits, including a cleaning based kit, a health based kit, and a few others!
-Build Your Own Starter Kit option: Select basic kit & add on other products.

5. Along with your wholesale membership you can join Young Living's Essential Rewards (ER) program, your monthly Wellness Subscription Box. 

-The ER membership gets you discounted shipping, points back that act as cash,  and free monthly oils! It is the perfect way to order plant based products for your home! You can cancel it whenever you'd like, no strings attached!
-If you decide to join, you can chose between creating you own box, IDEAS HERE, or you can pick a themed one!
-You can always skit this step and add it at another time!

6. You can then proceed to checkout by hitting the "Next" button or if you want to add any products to your order, you can select the "Add Additional Products" button. You can again select "Checkout".

7. Fill out your name, billing address, shipping address, and contact info.
8. Create your password and pin. Write them down.
9. Review your information, check out, and await your oils to arrive at your doorstep!
I will email you an awesome starter guide!