Meet the experts!

Erin, AKA, The hot-mess mom and teacher.

Hey there all, I am Erin Ann! I am the mother of two, a wife of one, and an Exceptional Student Educator to many!
I was raised with essential oils, and they definitely have become a staple in my hot mess household.
Looking for a way to get wine out of your carpet?
Need to get your kids to stop screaming?
Forgot to get all the ingredients to a recipe?
Well, then, I am your girl!

Amanda, The DIY Queen

My name is Amanda and I am a mom, a full time employee and a medical supply company, a wife and a daughter. I was introduced to oils by Erin and immediately fell in love and purchased my starter kit. Since then, I have been able to create so many things with oils from deodorant to toilet bombs. I am loving the versatility the oils gives my family and I, Not to mention the health aspects of keeping everything pure and natural! Now I know what is in every product I make! Catch my loves on Thursday nights in the Droppin' Knowledge Facebook page where I share recipes and oily secrets!

Tricia, aka, the Diffusing Guru

Hi everyone!  Tricia here, I am a Sales and Purchasing Manager during the day and make diffusing jewelry and help people learn about Oils at night.  I am married to great guy and we share two fur babies.  I am usually a stress ball and l overthink everything!  Therefore, I tend to like oils that help keep me calm.  I diffuse oils all day at work and find coworkers stay way too long to soak up the Zen.  I use oils to support Allergies (basically allergic to air), Blood Pressure, Sleep, Beauty, and I use many of Young Living's non-oil products as well.  Have questions?  Ask away...we love to talk oils!

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